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So, I'm bl3u (pronounced blue) I'm a flash animator, and graphic designer. I began my "online life" as one may consider around the age of 9. But soon grew much more mature and learned how things worked. I'm also currently running off multiple other forums including "Hyunsdojo" "Stickpage" and "The hive workshop" Other than that I'm a Deviantart community member.

I plan to be a freelance graphic designer for YouTube channels including 2D channel intro's and channel designs (Banners, logo's, Ect.)

For my pasts experiences with Call Of Duty, I never really played CoD on a community based level. Always more of a personal experience. I rarely play online but it wasn't until now I decided to go ahead and try my luck with the community. Anyways... That about sums up everything you need to know about me so far.

Something on the side: I went over the forum rules and didn't see anything about thread bumping. Can someone tell me how many days it takes for a post on a thread to be considered "bumping?"

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