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Multi IRONSIDE Gaming - All Platforms [AUS][NA][EU]



Ironside Gaming is an international gaming community that aims to provide gamers with a structured environment in which they can play at both casual and competitive levels.

At the core of Ironside Gaming is a fundamental belief that every member — regardless of their personal characteristics; their position within the community; or their in-game rank — has a stake in the success of our community. We have built a community that gives effect to this fundamental belief by ensuring that every member has the opportunity to voice their concerns, express their opinions, and hold those who are in positions of responsibility to account, all without fear of reproach.

Ours is a community that values meaningful deliberation informed by transparency and accountability at all levels. We also believe in building a mature community which blends together structure and formality with fun and friendship. Our rules should never be viewed as ends in themselves; they exist to serve the purposes of the community, in ensuring that everyone is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Building a community which is truly for our members also means building a community which has its eyes set on the future; our community will always be looking for ways to improve our technology, our infrastructure, and our protocols, with our members playing a key role in driving forward such improvements. We will reward those among us who make sacrifices for the success of our community, while always remembering that this is a community where everyone can make a difference.

We believe that it is when our members feel that they are valued as individuals that the collective bonds of strength which hold together our community are at their strongest. We believe that the success of Ironside Gaming rests with the members, as they are the community.

Check us out at www.ironsidegaming.org

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