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Okay so totally got our internet checked out and we're running at high speed but every time me and the husband play Zombies 2 player while we are playing in the middle of the game at Boots us out does anybody have a solution for this because our Xbox life is at stake


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Just because your internet service checks out it doesn't mean that there are no other factors that might be causing this, particularly as the CoD games seem to be very sensitive to even the smallest of network issues.

First how is your XBox connected to your router, if it is using WiFi, is there anyway in which you can wire it to your router?

If you can only connect using WiFi, does your router support QOS? QOS or Quality of Service will allow you to prioritize traffic for the XBox, so things like your SmartPhones, Personal Voice Assistants, Smart TVs and anything else that's WiFi enabled isn't interfering with your XBox's network access while you play.

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