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Is COD 3 better than COD 4?


COD 3 was better. It had vehicles, medics, better weapon classes, less gay sights, team killing and much better maps. Vehicles are the entire game. Medics were the funnest thing in COD 3. In COD 4, there seem to be only 5 basic weapon classes, which r the same for either team. COD 3 has 5 for both teams. The sights in COD 4 are pretty gay(lol :D), there should be more of them.

I felt that team killing was awesome in COD 3. Lastly, the maps in COD 3 were a lot better. They were much bigger, and you could actually run around. You could also play 2 player.

COD 4 only has a few good parts. There is custom weapons, 4 diff teams, better graphics, and stuff like leaderborads. Snipers r better in COD 4 too

These are my views, people call me narrow-minded but i don't care. :D :D
LOl i remember playing this on my ps2 and i loved it and well i had forgotten the name and i kept renting games to see which one it was.. yeah good ol times. But no COD4 is better well i never played online on COD3 so yeah..


Well I like COD-3 more Than COD-4.COD-3 is better .It has more weapon selection than the COD4.
COD3 had better weapon classes ,medics,Vehicle,and much better maps.The funniest thing in COD3 were medics.In COD4 there have been seen only five basic weapon classes.,which were same for each team.But i like all the Game of COD.
I prefer cod 4 as it is more actions packed is quite a lengthy game and online is just the bomb. so my final statement is cod 4 rocks majorly.


I'd have to say COD 4. I adored it when it came out. I still play it now sometimes. And as you said the sniping is better and to me sniping is one of the things I love about COD.
Though I do like Call of Duty 4 a bit more, Call of Duty 3 is also better in some ways. I like the World War 2 setting more than the modern era, I really liked the character interaction in Call of Duty 3, and yeah Call of Duty 3 also has vehicles which are amazing.

Call of Duty 3 is my 3rd favorite Call of Duty game. Right behind 4. World at War will always be my favorite though. I really miss the simplicity which the newer games are lacking. I really wish they would go back to World War 1, 2, or even the Modern era.

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