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Angels of Death

Is it just me?



Genuine question as since the most recent update I'm experiencing real difficulties.

I class myself as an okay player my KdR going into this season was 1.86. Nothing special but respectable amongst my peers.

I seem to all of a sudden be completely trash. Cant hit any rhythm, the experience overall seems very clunky. Hitting a tonne of glitches - chopper blades shredding me through walls, parachutes refusing to open. Explosives and impact radius are wildly inconsistent - almost farcical. Firing a rocket up someones arse and not even damaging.

Shooting people 2/3 times, hit markers, with an Ax-50 and getting smoked in one shot when they return the favour.

I'm losing gun fights that I would have easily won previously, getting one tapped by the new super shotguns, LMGs with the range of snipers, no bullet drop. I've spiraled down to 1.52 and can't stop the rot. Sometimes I question if I'm playing the same game.

The amount of times recently I die seemingly in 1/2 shots, before I can even react. Then when I watch the kill cam and the reality is they've emptied 2 full clips into me.

Just thought I'd ask if anyone else is seeing the same imbalances, having the same issues. Or I am indeed ready to throw myself in the bin. Not enjoying it one bit. Ps4 player.

Angels of Death


I went through something similar, my average K/D was about 1.4 but I was starting to lose interest in the game and I was starting to find myself being at the bottom of the table at the end of games more and more.

I found that by mixing things up a bit and picking weapons that I would usually shy away from, I've been able to inject a new energy into playing and my fortunes have changed, just take a look at some of my recent results:

View attachment 1235
Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 2019 Screenshot 2020.09.06 -
Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 2019 Screenshot 2020.09.06 -

That's 2 games in a row I managed to get to the top of the table :cool:

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Angels of Death