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Is there a way to highlite the opposition


At 75 I'm getting slaughtered quite a lot but this isn't my main problem. "Killing my own men" thats the problem for me. When I'm fighting my way through a map I get carried away and find it hard to distinguish who is trying to kill me and who isn't. My fellow American have an annoying habbit of getting in the way, especially at some distance away and I can't tell if they are friend or foe.

Is there a way to highlite the enemy say with a red marker so I DON'T shoot the wrong guy in future.

This is far the best game I've played on my desktop computer and it takes up loads of my spare time doing it, which is fine by me.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi @bubba welcome to CoDForums.

For Playstation try the first video below or adapt it for XBox, or for PC try second video guide.

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