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I'll start off by saying well done! I've been a huge fan of the series since the beginning. Alright I figured you guys would eventually resolve these things. However, after all this time....

[Sensitivity Ratio] Full control over sensitivity options ADS Hip Fire etc, in the options menu. PC's are more flexible by using a "config file" so why not consoles?

[Changing Fire Rate] Simply a Feature of most weapons it's odd not to be able to utilize it.

[Transition From Standing to Prone, Vice Versa] There's a slight hesitation. It goes from Standing to Crouching then prone. Given this, the timing with a controller could be adjusted to realize a brief hold Hit the Dirt, a quick tap crouch. Stand/Jump button get straight up. Note also affects keyboards with a single key press to do these actions.

[Prone Block] Why is this even a thing? Collision... How the "body" reacts to these prone block situations perhaps. It doesn't necessarily have to stop movement completely. Sometimes one might be trying to duck behind cover "prone block" happens unexpectedly, and your left standing there looking like an idiot.

[No attachment for reloading] Seriously. Surely any trained soldier should be able to do this, Just Saying.

[Aim Assist] Don't insult our skill at FPS! You can actually get kills sometimes without even moving the analog "at all". Furthermore, it can mess you up when multiple targets are grouped together. Lastly what if your shooting a mine or something to kill someone. I personally always turn it off. But a lot of people use it.

[Dedicated Severs] Need I say more.

Ever hear the expression "the devils in the details". The eye's drawn toward the imperfection no matter how pristine. Just constructive criticism is all. Much Respect!!!
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