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Warzone It’s worse than normal

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Jesus the game is awful today, I’m either making numbers up in shadow lobbies or the majority of players are running some form of cheat be it hard ware or software - I’m taking Plunder and Resurgence.

ive won’t games today but as you progress cheaters become the norm. The last kill cam, a guy drops from his chute 50 meters from me, I start firing with a kilo, mix of head and body shots, he opens up with a full auto pistol firing 5000 rounds a second - doesn’t matter whether he was a pc or console player he was cheating. Being one shotted by assault rifles at 200 meters with body shots, one Shot one kill.

you look at the kill cams and the guns are having a heart attack jumping in every direction but every bullet hits it’s mark.

after a year you would think the developer would have moved this anti cheat forward - Ricochet is a failure a PR exercise, if we have any lawyers in the house that want to start a class action for ruining my gaming experience I’m up for that.

I hoped incoming Warzone 2 might be a step forward but having played the Beta - players already in there with extra assistance, PC players I might add as Cronus won’t work with the game as it’s PS5 only.

the Game when it’s like this is just crap
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