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It's time for a new Streak Option

Discussion in 'Upcoming Call of Duty' started by Z1GMA, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Z1GMA

    Z1GMA Recruit

    Feb 16, 2014
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    Familiar options:

    New option: Chain Killer
    Earn streaks by getting rapid kills (except explosives).
    If it takes too long for you to kill the next emeny in the chain, you'll have to start over at 0, even if you haven't been killed.
    The deadline after each kill should be around 3 seconds (maybe less, maybe more. It's hard to tell atm).

    Isn't it very hard to earn streaks this way? Well, yes it is, but it pays off big time once you manage to pull it off.
    With this option, you earn streaks at about 50% of the normal cost.
    Hardline works a bit different when used with this option, for obvious reasons.
    Instead of making the awards cost 1 less, Hardline extends your deadline between kills by around 10%. 3 secs would be 3.3 secs.

    *Values* (I've picked a couple random streak rewards just to give u an idea)
    Uav/RC XD: 3 kills (2 with Chain Killer)
    IMS: 5 kills (3 with Chain Killer)
    Sentry Gun: 7 (4)
    Choppa: 9 (5)
    Pave Low: 11 (6)
    K9: 15 (8)
    HAARP: 20 (9)

    Although it's hard to execute, Streak Rewards CAN continue your Chain, but they can't start a new one.

    Wadda ya'll think?
    If you don't like the idea, feel free to suggest a new cool Streak Option yourself.
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    KUROTOKO Recruit

    Sep 28, 2014
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    Ohhh very cool for rushers! i dig this!

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