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Kids Playing it on a Baby Level

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Truth be told, my nephew seemed to be beating it, but he just had it on level one and was kind of going thru it like a cartoon! So, do any of you have similar stories? I mean, this kid wasn't so coordinated. He couldn't even beat beginning levels on Mario (as in the old school games)!

Tactical Gaming


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What COD? Also, if you're on the easiest difficulty, there should be 0 challenge. I don't get that about a lot of games. If you're going to have difficulty levels and if you have EASY, NORMAL, HARD, HARDEST, etc or whatever. When you're playing it on EASY, someone that young should be able to beat it...... that's the entire point of difficulty levels. Some people just enjoy playing through the game for the action and story and want to feel like an unstoppable badass.


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I do this, and I am 36. I play it on normal so I can enjoy playing the game as intended, but also play it for the action, and story. Dunno about others, but that's how I play. Folks who play it on easy just to feel "badass" - eh. The game is "easy" on normal, so I don't know why they bother with easy mode. Meh, whatever suits them.
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