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Kinda Being A Prick Here..


The Equalizer
Sometimes at deployment on my way to one chopper, I'll lob off a PILA round at a different chopper in my path..

In military terms, we call it "tactical denial of a transportation asset." In Warzone, it's called "being a prick".. :D

"Dick move, Banner!"

In this one, I guess a Duo team got in just as the PILA rocket was arriving.. Boy I bet they were pissed!! :D

Pay attention to the bottom part of the video, a bit right of center..

View: https://youtu.be/TR8xqUhV7kE


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
I don't think it makes that much of a difference at that stage in the game, except for the 2 people that were shot down and they might make it their mission to come after you.
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