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DMZ LAG! on train


Fallen Angel
So I thought they had this stuff ironed out.

I'm preparing Slot #6 on my team and I got the new Soap in there with the striped war paint face. Im doing my best not to let him down but I been killed by the train within 20 seconds of loading into the game as it ran me over and then later when it came near where I was I hopped aboard to try and pick what was left on it and got killed by a guy who I did not know was on it, whom just started to break into the train vault. Whoops...

Anyway about my 5th run at getting him at least a 2 plate and medium bag ( those are my requirements for setting out into an actual solo mission) I got aboard the train early and was loot galore when I happened upon my 1st orange crate and low and behold I open it and the lag starts in. I figured someone nearby me must be lag switching or something and I was about to be dead. Nope my luck was ok on this trip. I survived and continued looting the train got a medium bag and some other decent guns but no 2 plate vest.. So off to the tents I went. Struck out there too but got the 2 safes there. and then headed for an exfil..
I probably should have stopped at a buy but I did not feel like becoming sniper bait.

Sucks bad when coms are not working... I say friendly to folks like 3 times but still get shot at and killed most times, occasionally I do win but rarely.

So anyway this lag clipped on for like 30 seconds at least. I was skipping all around in the train car I was in.
Anyone else have same issues lately?

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