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Large "updates" when starting?


On several occasions when I start the program it does an update. I may not have used it for a week or two.
Just did it and it downloaded 60 gigs and took over an hour. Haven't been able to play much and when I
start it can't do anything. Then I end up not playing.
I am aware things get updated routinely but never had anything doing it this much and large.
Is this normal or do I have something maybe set so it has to reload each time?


No l don’t think this is normal. It shouldn’t be doing large updates every 1 or 2 weeks. Large updates are when a new season starts and then it still shouldn’t be that large.


I also don't think it's normal. Tried contacting Activision tech support. Not sure they really have any?
Almost impossible unless you have a specific issue listed.
Something I clicked for support from the company sent me to the forums.
Probably some setting is not where it should be.
Wondering if anybody knows.

Started again this morning and it started a 16 gig "update". Shut if off.
I have always started clicking desktop icon. This starts the game through Blizzard.
It also shows up in my Steam library.
I started it in Steam and it said it needs to be installed. Did the install. 14 gigs.
Install is smaller than updates? It was doing down loads up to 60 gigs.
No idea what it was or where it is.
This all seems weird.
Any way, now will try it through Steam and see what happens.

The quarantine has altered my brain. Getting icons and services confused. Scary. Different version on steam.
Nothing to do with Steam.
Now trying to contact Blizzard. Still doing updates and last time when started it said it was "checking" my files and would take several minutes.
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