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PSN Let's work as a Team


Hey im looking to build a team to play with (or clan ).. I definitely want some people before BO3 comes out.

Info about me:

PS3 all day! PS4 soon

Central Standard Time Zone, and mainly play at night.

I have been playing COD multiplayer since Bo1, and my current KD is 1.11.

I own most of all cods, but i am highly interested in building a team for BO2, but we can play ghosts, and Advance warfare sometimes...

I have always and mainly play objective modes, domination, demolition, and kill confirmed... i just recently have been starting to get into team death match since i play alone most of all the time, and it is much easier to play even when your on a bad team.


What i am looking for:

im not going to heavily limit people based on KD, but i would prefer people that have an average of at least .80+ I can work with you to help you get better, but you have to listen.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork - Listening to each other and working together makes a whole lot of difference when playing the game. If we're saying get on B, do your best to get there, or at least communicate why you cannot.

Mic - please have a mic, its hard to play with teammate you cannot hear..

No Bashing - we are all playing the same game, if you are annoyed with someone, let it out during the match while we are wiping the floor with them (hopefully ).. when the match is over please dont be yelling in everyones ear how there were a noob, were camping, you hate them, what type of gun they used...etc.. it doesn't matter, the match is over.. we don't know anyone personally, we probably used what they used at a time, so let's not judge...

Language - please keep cursing and all that to a minimum, it's not necessary, this is just a game, and sometimes there are kids, and or ladies playing, and or mothers listening.. if you get too upset, mute yourself, and tell the team you are doing so.

Age - im sorry, but i only want to have a team of 17+ that is what the game is rated.. im sorry, if your mommy got it for you, then play the game with other kids your age. im 28 and dont want to play this type of game with little kids...

be Objective - please do what the mode requires. if we playing domination, hold the flag, defend the flag, and get it back when necessary. KIll confirmed, get the tags!

Camping - now i know the difference between holding down a spot, spawn trapping, and rushing. They are all specific and required for certain modes. but camping means you have been in the same spiiot for 30 seconds or more, and there (most likely) is no objective there at all, and you are fishing for easy kills. this does not apply to sniping AS LONG AS you are defending a particular position in like domination or demolition. honestly, sniping isn't all that helpful in kill confirmed, maybe in team death match on long range matches, otherwise you are just an easy target..
I wont go on about it, everyone knows what camping is by now, and i wont tolerate it on my team.

Streaks - Please run streaks that are helpful, and that you can actually earn.. don't run 10-15 streaks if you cannot get that far, be realistic! Run streaks that will help the whole team and you, we are trying to win together. Spyplane/UAV/Satcom are the most helpful streaks, there is no more valuable information in the game then knowing where the enemy is, especially when they are camping! if you are a really good player, possibly higher KD than mine, then Blackbird/Orbital Vsat, everything else depends on you... this is something we will probably talk about all the time during matches.. we don't need the whole team running the same thing but this is something that is strategic and tactical.

No Team Arguing/Bashing - We are a team, and we will make mistakes, but lets learn from them. Us arguing or bashing each other during a match will do nothing but cause us to lose.


Please message me your thoughts to this post, and your username if you are interested. I am on ps3 as i mentioned above, and i will add you as soon as possible. I have a pretty full friends list, so i will have to get rid of people i do not play with. and I will probably make this into a clan depending on how many people i can get onboard.

thanks for your time, and have a wonderful day!!!

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