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Multi Limey eSports - RECRUITMENT OPEN


We are an active UK clan looking to bring in some fresh faces to the team.

We operate a 17+ age policy.

Our main focus is to keep thriving in the competitive scene so we welcome everyone who thinks they will have what it takes to make a name for themselves and earn money via tournaments. All entry fees are funded by the clan since you will be representing us. If you want it, chase that dream.

All tournaments are played via Z League and Gamebattles.

There is no K/D cap requirement in place to prevent you competing so as long as you drop 10+ kills in your area of sbmm, you’ll be fine.

Great comms and good knowledge of the game is a must.

Don’t want to compete?

Well that’s chill, as are we. When we’re not competing we squad up, smoke some fat ones, create content and have a laugh! So come and join us for some casual play in all areas of modern warfare!

Cold War Competitive team will be set up in the future so if that is your scene, join now and help us expand quicker!

We are not a community, you will not get lost in numbers as we desire quality over quantity, loyalty over disloyalty.

Team chat is run via Facebook messenger.


Message our Facebook page for any further details you may wonder about! We are looking forward to your interest.


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