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Angels of Death




looking for a decent loadout for warzone.
Anyone have a good one to share? :)
Like long range fights, but gotta be prepared for close combat

Angels of Death


Depends on how you like to play. Do you like to snipe or do you prefer an AR/SMG combo. I mysefl prefer to snipe, so my secondary has to be something that is useful in both short and mid range combat. I also don't care how useful a gun is at longer ranges, because that's what I have a sniper for. The CR-56 is the best all-around rifle in the game right now. The FAL has it beat inside 25m, but only if you have the trigger finger to fire it at 500rpm, and then outside 25m the CR-56 beats it across the board. So if you want something that is good short-range but also useful mid-range, the CR-56 is the way to go. It's the 2nd best rifle inside 50m (FAL is #1) and the 2nd best outside 50m (AK is #1).

I currently run the following:


- Mono suppressor for the added velocity bonus
- 26.9 HDR Pro barrel to max out the velocity and make it almost a hitscan sniper
- Tac Laser because it offers the biggest reduction to ADS time while helping with Stability
- Cronen C480 Pro 3.5x optic because I prefer not having sniper glint giving away my location
- Sleight of Hand because I prefer to not slow down my ADS or movement speed any futher

The Cronen C480 offers the longest optic that doesn't have sniper glint. Longer scopes are more useful and if that's your cup of tea go for it, just beware that as soon as you ADS anybody in front of you can see your scope bright as day. All scopes 4.0x or less don't have sniper glint, and the 3.5x Cronen C480 is the longest you can get for the HDR without glint.

I know a lot of people run extended mags, but they slow down your ADS time. I hardly find myself needing to shoot 7 or 9 straight shots without ducking back into cover, when you have time to reload anyway. And Sleight of Hand cuts almost a second off your reload time. I don't like running the Stalker Stock because it lowers Stability which makes it harder to get on targets without holding your breath. I could see the argument for using Focus for the Flinch Resistance but my playstyle doesn't call for it as much.


- Mono suppressor for the added range and velocity bonuses
- Zodiac barrel to max out the range and bullet velocity - essential for Warzone
- VLK 3.0x optic for the recoil reduction and more precise mid-range shots
- Commando grip to reduce the side-to-side bounce of the recoil pattern
- 45-Round mag extension for obvious reasons.

The VLK is among the snappiest mid-range scopes so it doesn't hurt your ADS much. And it's also got some of the best recoil properties among all scopes. Yes all optics have an effect on recoil - some help it and some hurt it. Check out the chart below I found yesterday which validates the long-held notion that the VLK helps with stabilization (like the Commando grip). And I find using a mid-range scope like the VLK helps a ton in mid-range engagements, being more precise with my shots which helps effective TTKs, instead of using a Tac Laser which only helps raw TTK.

To go a little further into effective vs raw TTK. Raw TTK is mathematically how many hits it takes to kill combined with the ROF. But the catch is, you actually have to land all those shots or you aren't going to see that raw TTK. The Tac Laser lowers your raw TTK quite a bit, but if you aren't hitting all your shots you won't see all that benefit. If the VLK allows you to be more accurate at mid-range instead of missing shots, then your effective TTK will be better than with using the Tac Laser. It's all about how quickly you can actually land those 10-14 shots at mid-range, not the raw stats of the gun. The raw stats only matter in a vacuum.


This chart shows the VLK doesn't necessarily have the shortest vertical recoil, but the side-to-side bounce is cleaned up a lot and the pattern is nearly vertical. Vertical recoil is the easiest to compensate for. And while the Scout Combat and Merc Thermal both look pretty good too, both of those have longer ADS times than the VLK which make them worse for short-range combat. The VLK is the best of both worlds.

Also as I posted in another thread, the Commando grip helps with side-to-side bounce and helps stabilize the recoil pattern instead of helping with vertical recoil like the other grips. Vertical recoil is very easy to counter, while side-to-side bounce is nearly impossible to predict. I find it makes guns much easier to use at mid-to-longer ranges if you use the Commando instead. Reducing the side-to-side bounce while also adding Stability makes your recoil pattern much more predictable and easier to counter.

The picture below is for the Grau with the Archangel barrel and the Ranger grip is on the left and the Commando on the right. The Ranger helps with 17% vertical recoil, while the Commando tightens up side-to-side bounce. Look how clean the pattern is for the first 10 bullets from the Commando, compared to how all over the place the Ranger is.


Just my two cents, from someone how has both played and studied this game a lot.

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Angels of Death