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PC Long Time OG MW/MW2 Vet Looking for a clan - HC Modes


Like the title says i have been playing cod since back in 2008 or so when COD4 originally dropped- Fell in love with team tactical and search.

Got into MW2 joined a clan and was a division leader in the clan called RD-Reality Dynasty.

Loved clan play and especially enjoyed playing hardcore modes like search. Touched MW3 a little and loved Black op 1 and 2. New MW is most fun ive had in cod in a long time. Im sitting around Officer Rank 120 and all i pre much play is Hardcore Cyber Attack but will also delve into other HC modes like HQ and S&D.

I'm Looking for a clan who plays alot of hardcore or a clan that is open to have like a squad that runs hardcore. Im really looking for ppl i can count on to play the game types i like on the daily. Modes like Cyber attack are much more enjoyable with a team that uses good callouts especially in hardcore where it only takes a few shots to take you out of the round.

PC-Open to crossplay clans

25 Years old

Best reachable by Discord @ Phinks#5525

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