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Angels of Death

Xbox Live Looking 4 Pro or semi Pro groups for Modern Warfare (2019)

To all who read this,

My Activision username is mocklemore97, XBOX username D3 Mach 1. As of now, I am primarily using a maxed level AX-50 sniper rifle. However, I also maxed out my MP-5. Admittedly, I tend to be an impatient gamer when a round starts, so please expect me to push up a bit early on until I can trust you (no offence).
Though I'm not the most efficient quickscoper, I enjoy hearing from those who are better at that skill than I am for tips and advice on how to improve. My current overall K/D is 1. Not 1.01. Just one. Not the most impressive ratio, but at least its positive lol.
Speaking of positive, I enjoy making people laugh and usually have a high amount of patience for those who get angered easily.

Thank you for reading my thread, and I hope to play some Modern Warfare with your group soon!


p.s. here is my best (so far) sniper gameplay: 23 kills 7 deaths (we still lost). Please skip to 1:30 for the action sequence(s).

Angels of Death


I represent Merciless Pros Network or MPN for short. we are a gaming community based around a family and professional Atmosphere with the ability to rank up in a squad setting. We have openings in our Pinnacle Squad and would love to have you join us. We are looking for players on use all 3 systems, PS4, Xbox One and PC. We have game nights as well as weekly meetings to get to know each other as well as keep everyone informed about changes in the squad. We welcome anyone on any console to join us and check us out. If you are interested in joining, please reach out at MPNLive.net. If you do decide to join us, please let them know MPN ZacWon13 sent you. Hope to see you there! My gamertag for Xbox is MPN ZacWon13 and my
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Angels of Death