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PC Looking for 20+ UK Based Cold War Clan [PC]


Hi there,

I'm Mat, I've been playing call of duty for the past 13 or so years or so on console (Reasonably new to pc gaming) and am looking for a group of people to play with on a regular basis, I have played competitively on various game battles ladders etc.

Also open to playing warzone however I am yet to play this!

I have only recently started playing cold war again after initial release and am looking to get back into playing again.

If anyone wants any more information please feel free message me, more than happy to play some games and see if we mesh.

Thanks all!


Just to add to this, I'm open to 18+ and more than happy to join a EU clan not just limited to UK.

I generally prefer to play S&D but like domination also, OBJ player, generally SMG but will play AR if required :)
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