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Multi Looking For a Clan!

Feb 11, 2018
Hey, everyone! So, I used to be decent at CoD back when Black Ops II came out (K/D average around 3.5, with my top kills being 77-12 in a match of Kill Confirmed). I typically averaged around 35-40 kills a game, but due to extensive college studying and a full-time job, I stopped playing for a while. I recently picked CoD up again, and I totally suck at it now. Since I have every Tuesday and Thursday night off of work now, I’m trying find a clan that will allow me to play with them and that will be willing to help me improve to get me back to playing how I used to. If you’re willing to help me and you’d be willing to make me a part of your clan, please add me on Xbox Live (GamerTag Ciara626, and I do have Black Ops III for PSN with the same username)!

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