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Multi Looking for a Comp Team Leader



Cult of Gaming, are currently looking for a NA Comp Leader, for CoD MW for both Multiplayer and Warzone game mode. We currently have, the EU team position full, and we also have a pool of competitive players waiting for tryouts to be part of the team.

What we are looking for: (Bold and underline)

- Someone with significant knowledge of Call of Duty
- Someone who has good knowledge of CDL and GB or is willing to learn
- Someone who is non toxic but a determined leader
- 18+
- Has the time to put in regular practice and organize scrims

What we can offer: (B & U)

- A multi-platform multi-game community
- A community which will feel like a family
- Experienced CoD players
- Casuals who want to learn and go competitive
- CoD events
- A chance to make this team your own

If this interests you and you would like to know more please join the Discord and let us know you want to tryout for Comp Team Leader or more information. https://discord.com/invite/YAnY6r5

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