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PSN Looking for a Team/Clan to Join.


PSN or Activision Add is

Looking to join a clan or team on Call of Duty Modern Warefare for either Multiplayer or Warzone

I currently have 10wins on warzone

Please message me on here or PSN.

Thank You


I would love to play with you! We just started our clan!

I' m looking for people to play call of duty with. since warzone got released last week mw is really popping again and i have alot of fun playing it. I kinda play with my usual group of mates, but i kinda want to take it back to the old days, with a official clan. I want to start meeting new people again and have squads running almost daily.

Regiment name: Straight outta Covid-19

my discord name: MrPriceo0#9738

my ingame name: Priceo0#2507

Add me on discord or ingame
Unity Squad is an active, friendly, non-toxic gaming zone for all like-minded gamers like yourself. Whether you're looking for something casual or want to defend yourself amongst a brotherhood (sisterhood too!) against a team of Sweats, Unity Squad is for YOU, cBritton!
Some Key Details about us:

  • Players from PC, Xbox, and PS4
  • Community-focused organization
  • Military ranking structure to offer order and advancement opportunities
  • Weekly meetings and nightly hosted pub/private events
  • Tournament bracket play with FREE money winnings
  • 90~ active Unity Squad members, always find players to pub with around the clock
  • Other Squads, total member count peaking over 375*
  • FREE Graphic requests
  • Actively managed Discord and Website
  • Regiment AND COD Companion App weekly participation
Enough about us, I want to get to know about you. If you're interested, you can find me at the following IDs:
  1. Playstation Network: PGN-AznMenaceTTV
  2. Discord: AznMenace#8715
When you inquire about Unity Squad, be prepared to answer the following questions:
  1. How old are you?
  2. Do you have a working mic/headset?
Enough waiting around for something to happen. Be the Change!
"Other clans may imitate, but we initiate."


Do you like to game? Are you interested in joining a community of like-minded adults? We are VORSOC(Veteran Out Reach Special Operations Command). We are a community with over 500 members, and were founded on giving veterans(and civilians alike) a place where they are always welcomed! Only requirements are 17+. Any console(or PC), any game, any time! Check us out at vorsoc.com

PFC AyoBagz


REVOLUTION GAMING is brought to you as a result of other gaming networks and their failed attempts to bring and keep a positive atmosphere within the community. The foundation of RG has stuck together through all the animosity and bring with them the right tools to ensure we uphold the most respect for all the members within the community. It is our #1 goal to ensure you have a place to call home and rid yourself from the ugly toxic world we seem to find ourselves in more times than not.

OUR MISSION here at Revolution Gaming is to surround you with like minded people, build relationships, rid you of the toxic environment we seem to find ourselves in more times than not and to most of all have fun. We here at Revolution Gaming accept all skill levels across all platforms. This is not just a community…It is a family and gaming alone ends today. So hit up our website http://revolutiongaming.info and get in our discord and take advantage of what RG has to offer. We also have twitter and FB. We will do gaming right!



Modern Warfare
Competitive gaming
Apex Legends
Division 2
Dungeons and Dragons

And will committ to keeping up to date on all the latest releases and topics.

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