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PC Looking for Clan/New Friends for BOPCW


A Call of duty veteran here been playing since CoD4, moved to PC and none of my friends really play anymore. Just looking for some chill people to play with im pretty average at the game. 1.4KD.
Knights Templar Gaming (KTG) is now recruiting! Doors are open for a limited time to new members! The community is CoD based, but our active Discord has multiple gaming tabs with members actively looking to squad up. We are recruiting all regions on all platforms. We at KTG understand the realities of gaming while also managing your adult life and responsibilities. We have created a unique gaming community that doubles as an online family. Our community is progression based without all the unreasonable requirements that dictate your participation level. We also support streamers, content creators, and anyone that wants to represent us! We have successfully helped our featured streamers hit affiliate with twitch every month.
REQUIREMENTS: 18+, Non-Toxic, no skill requirements, must have a headset, and a discord account. No drama, and No BS. Please message the KTG Facebook page and a recruiter will lead you the rest of the way! https://www.facebook.com/KTG.Community/

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Check out the clan I'm in. https://troggaming.enjin.com/

TROG stands for totally old ruthless gits although we do have a fair few young members. In total we have 25 members and most are from the UK but there are a couple from elsewhere in Europe. We are HC players and are mainly PC however we do have two xbox clan members. We game to have fun so if you're a good player, great but if not that's OK, as long as you have fun! Check us out and send in an application if you think we're right for you :) - bumblebee


Come have a look at Rapture Gaming Community. We are a 17+ gaming community. We have many games, but Phoenix battalion main COD and Overwatch. Our players are Xbox and PC.
Our members are on varying timezones so there is always someone to game with. We hold multiple gamenights a week, and welcome all players no matter the skill level.
We're always up for a good time and a few drinks together!
Here's the discord link, come hang out and see what you think https://discord.gg/rapturegaming
A Call of duty veteran here been playing since CoD4, moved to PC and none of my friends really play anymore. Just looking for some chill people to play with im pretty average at the game. 1.4KD.
Tired of playing solo trying to run with randoms? Don't want to deal with the toxicity of random lobbies? Then BlackWater Gaming (BWG) is the place for you. We have active members always looking for someone to squad up with. We're currently recruiting for ages 18+ casual and competitive players for all platforms. We're also welcoming content creators. COD, Apex, and Rogue Company is our current Primary Game Focus, but other gaming is welcomed too. No expectations to meet as far as stats. Our Discord server is our main way to communicate, as far as finding other members to squad up with, keep up with clan news, tournaments, etc.... Promotions based on time in the clan, but we are also always welcome for members taking on bigger roles within the clan. We also try to host tournaments and custom lobby game nights when we can. Check out our page and message us if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/BWGClan/

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https://www.codforums.com/threads/tactical-gaming-is-now-recruiting.5912/page-3#post-41721 (website updated my forum post)
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