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PSN Looking for Clan (PS4)


Hello, My name is Anthony "Darkrai" Anderson and I am looking for a clan to join. I have major experience in the competitive scene. I have traveled to multiple events in Bo4 and other games. I have placed T32 at Anahiem under Recon 5. I am however retired from competing in majors so I am looking for an online clan that does clan wars and overall just has fun. Feel free to add on PS4 at Darkrai_GX or message me on here.


Hello. I am here to Represent Merciless Pros Network or MPN for short. we are a gaming community based around a family and Professional Atmosphere with the ability to rank up in a squad setting. We have around 57 members in our Modern Warfare Squad and would love to have you join us. We have players that use all 3 systems, PS4, Xbox One and PC. We have nightly game nights as well as weekly meetings to basically get to know each other as well as give information to everyone about changes in the squad. We welcome anyone on any console to join us and check us out. If you are interested in joining, please reach out at MPNLive.net. If you do decide to join us, please let them know MPN ZacWon13 sent you. Hope to see you there! My gamertag for Xbox is MPN ZacWon13. Feel free to reach out to me personally and I can get you set up if you are interested. The website to our community is MPNLive.net

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