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Looking for CoD Players who are Essential Workers or have Pandemic stories for documentary filming in LA


CoD players - we're looking for some people to interview for some documentary pieces we're producing around the Cold War release. See details below. MUST BE IN LOS ANGELES. Paid.

If you're interested, you can submit entries to ckcshowcasting at gmail.com. Please spread the word! Hoping to make some cool positive profiles of CoD players - especially those who have been essential workers or otherwise hit by the pandemic. Thanks!

Seeking children & parents, men, women, and families to tell real-life stories about their passion for video games and how gaming has affected their lives – especially during the pandemic. We are looking for unique, emotional, and uplifting stories -- with priority casting towards essential workers, vets or military families, handicaps, and passion towards the Call of Duty franchise.

All ages and ethnicities welcomed.

Send a 2-5 minute casting video.
- How has gaming changed your life?
- Why are you passionate about gaming?
- What do you love about the Call of Duty franchise?
- Where did you grow-up and what was the impact gaming had on your childhood?
- Are you an essential worker or military family (or are your parent’s essential workers)? - How has gaming helped you get through the pandemic?


Staff member
Darn, wish I was in LA.. this sounds interesting.

Good luck in your project!
I know what you meant, but trust me Los Angeles is bad. California in general is currently in chaos. I moved from there for tax reasons, but I learned that there are more stupid shit going on there.
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