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PSN Looking for DMZ players/clan


Player looking for DMZ players or clan to complete faction missions.

I'm not the best warzone player, but I can follow orders/forfill roles and play as part of a team.

I have coms and happy to talk.

Johnny Rambo's need not apply.

I'm 37 from UK and play most week nights and the odd weekend.

I'm looking for a relaxed and chill group who accept it's not the end of the world of they die. But at the same time not mongoloids who run gung ho into strongholds solo and die

I'm also ps4/5

LXG Streak

Hello! I am from a new and upcoming Gaming Community known Legacy Gaming (LXG). We house multiple clans for games including CoD. We accept members of all skill levels. Usually always someone to play with LMK if you're interested!
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