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looking for help for a serious Activision mistake

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Good evening everyone, I am writing on this forum with the hope that someone can help me understand what happened to my account. I have been playing Warzone since the beginning of the pandemic from Ps4, I have played very few times from a PC, but I have the Ps4 connected to the PC screen and now I only play from there. E 'from the day March 20 that I did not turn on the Play and today as if by magic, after making all the possible updates of the Ps4 and Warzone, the message appears to me "your account has been permanently banned from the activision servers" ????? ?????????????????????? but seriously? I have never and I repeat never, never used tricks to play, I don't even know what and where to buy them, I have a rate of 1.05 after 3 years of playing, I lose almost all the fights. I appealed to activision for verification as they are surely wrong but the answer is that my account has been permanently banned from activision. So either someone has taken possession of my account or there is a giant blunder as much as a house! now I can no longer contact Activision as there is no number - email or contact of some operator as I want to know (because account holder) day, time and what kind of tricks were used. I ask you much more experienced than me how I can do to solve this problem. I am definitely not a cheater as I am really sorry to play. Available for anything, I'm clean.

Not open for further replies.
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