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Multi Looking for more than just a Clan? Join Vorsoc Today!!


(vX) VORSOC, (Veteran Out-Reach, Special Operations Command), Was Founded By Military Veterans On February 2nd, 2018 To Make A Brotherhood Of Gamers In The Image Of, As Efficient To, And As Close-Knit As The Military, We Served.

This Community Is Based On Selfless Service Of Others, Innovation, Initiative, Professionalism, And Work Ethic Above All Else. We Are Organized Into Two Separate Branches: VORSOC (17+) & VORSOC Youth (13-17)

We Are Here to Support Other Military-Based Organizations & Non-Profit Charities Like "Mission 22" To Help Combat, Raise Awareness To & Prevent Veteran Suicides - No Man Gets Left Behind.

Our Mission Our Mission & Sole Purpose Is The Fight Against Veteran & First Responder Suicide By Serving Our Members; Both Veterans, First Responders, & Civilians Alike, By Providing Them A Fun & Safe Outlet To Escape The Stressors Of Their Personal Lives With The Best Gaming Experience Possible Through Our Multitude Of Resources Available Exclusively To Our Members.

VORSOC (vX) Is A Family Like No Other, And We Look After Our Own & Watch Each Other's Six Whether It Be In Game Or In Life.

Here at VORSOC, our mission is to bring awareness to Mission 22 and the battle against Veteran Suicide. We accomplish this by providing a non-toxic gaming community where EVERYONE feels welcome regardless of their skill. We are like family to our members supporting them in their goals, endeavors, and issues as best as we can, even if that means just lending an ear or through playing a game with them. It is a great community that is open to both active, former military as well as civilians! We are structured similarly to the military with companies and ranks! We play all kinds of games on all consoles.

Join our discord today https://discord.gg/UDb2mRT9R7 or by going to VORSOC.net and one of our officers will be waiting to welcome you into our family... Let them know vX_Sxyez sent you
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