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PSN Looking For PSN Clan To Merge With

Mar 13, 2013
CAG CheechDogg
I am the Leader and Founder of CAG "Combat Applications Group" and I am looking for any small groups and clans on PSN that are having trouble getting a clan up and running that would like to merge into our clan and help us with establishing a strong PSN Division for us.

Getting a clan up and running is a very hard thing to do and more so when you are doing it from scratch. We have had several Playstation Divisions dating back to SOCOM: Confrontation but for some reason getting COD running on Playstation has been very rough for us for a while.

I am really looking for at least 5 players who have strong leadership experience running a clan or that are interested in coming in right away to help build our Playstation Division. It's not going to be an easy thing to do and that is why I would like any small groups or clans that are having trouble growing to give us a try.

Any small clans that decide to merge into our clan will be able to retain their leadership roles as part of our clan, i.e., if you are a Captain or Lieutenant in your current clan you will enter as a Captain or Lieutenant. You "WILL NOT" lose your rank by joining CAG.

All Clan Leaders will also come in as Generals to help fortify leadership for the Playstation Division and will work together to get things going.

Come on you guys, what do you have to lose? Help us and "I" will personally do my best to help "YOU" be a successful Leader for CAG.
Sep 10, 2017
Hello!! I Am a proud sponsor and founder of a Small clan called MAXD , We are based on PS4 but are expanding to Xbox Soon!!! We are having trouble getting Recruits and would Really like some help.

-Sincerely DLC_PC
Sep 10, 2017
Hey man, me and my brother quite recently started a PSN COD, Destiny, and GTA clan and are having trouble recruiting. I like the idea you're proposing and we would defiantly be interested in helping your psn division, please message me with more info


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