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PSN Looking For Skilled BO3 Clan!

Aug 18, 2017
I want to join a good bo3 clan :) I'm master prestige lvl 255, comment your psn name, the name of the clan and some info about the clan! I hope I get lucky :D
Aug 19, 2017
Hey, My name is Drew and I am recruiting for my new clan Team WilD, We currently have nobody in the clan but you can be co-leader if I belive that you are worth the take, and we can get in touch if you would like to join I am currently 14 years of age and my PSN: DrewMCB24 Please message me if you are interested In joining Team WilD thanks!
Aug 25, 2017
Hello am recruiting for my clan sensory gaming. We are going to be a clan focused on pubstomping and competitive play. If you are 16+ and have a working mic message me at xXEmeraldArcher
Aug 25, 2017
Hi My name is michael,
I am only prestige 2 lvl 46, i fresh started from prestige 4 lvl 55. I am good with almost any gun in the game and i was wondering if I could join team swift. I am 13 and my main focus in this clan would be sniping. I will be loyal to this clan and i might create a new psn dedicated to it. My current psn is Mike_swag123 (i didnt make this name). Please send back any feedback

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