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PC Looking for some DMZ folks/clan


hello im looking for dmz people also 50 + on pc and mic mostly dmz but for fun but in game togeter tired of all the people who go solo and give me plz info how to join am a bit new at this :)

hy im interested am 50 + but going strong from holland on pc and mic plz give message how to join and how to reach you am a bit new at this members forum greetz


Hi please add me im on console and need help !!! Im 2 cases away on weapons case and missons are tough because ive been a solo no fill became I can’t get any randoms to cooperate…


i try to find you on warzone and do a frend request ok ? see from there

at looking for players

I am the Table it says does not exist ? do you play unther other name ?​

i am running on activiison maybe player and then ther should be an number behind ?
mine is cubix444#2119


I’m also looking for players to play with regularly, I’m 50+, activision user name is Bamboozle#6055545
Play on PS5, mic and headset

Mostly doing missions at the moment, but happy to run round shooting stuff, send me a request if any of you fancy a game sometime


well as far as im concern your very welcom im also no 20 :) ill send an frend request ok? still need the full id so Bamboozle#?????

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