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PC Looking to make some friends to play with.


Older male (53) looking for some people to play Plunder (or even Rumble whenever it's available). Sick of playing with pubs who rarely play Plunder like it's supposed to be played and use it more like their personal TDM. Which I may occasionally be guilty of but for the most part I play the mode how it's supposed to be. I would prefer players who use Push To Talk or aren't in a situation like a recent person I tried playing with where there is nothing but background noise going on and can barely concentrate on the game or even hear players walking up behind me.

I'm not the best of players... (age thing lol) but not the worst either. I started playing CoD back when CoD4 released and after switching over from BF2. Not a fan of regular MP as the constant bunny hopping just annoys the heck out of me and never should have been accepted as common practice in any game like it is these days. And I will be sticking with MW till IW kicks out another release next year as I'm wasn't thrilled with how Cold War looks for feels so have no desire to transition over. I'm East Coast USA... usual time of playing is anytime between 6pm EST to 3am EST.

Hit me up on here or in-game: M0710NM4N#4847313


Come have a look at Rapture Gaming Community. We are a 17+ gaming community. We have many games, but Phoenix battalion main COD and Overwatch. Our players are Xbox and PC.
Our members are on varying timezones so there is always someone to game with. We hold multiple gamenights a week, and welcome all players no matter the skill level.
Here's the discord link, come hang out and see what you think https://discord.gg/rapturegaming
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