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DMZ Looks like ACT Is Going To The Mat To Keep Me in DMZ.. :D


The Equalizer

Two more ACTIVE DUTY slots.. :D And GHOSTS weapons only have a 15 min cool down.. Kewl!!! :D

Not too hard keeping me in DMZ.. PLUNDER was such a disappointment...


The Equalizer
Well, there's NO cooldown in Plunder.....

And the re-spawns are nice as well..

I dunno... PLUNDER just seems so... kludgy.. The Infil off the chopper and parachute is not very smooth. It feels blocky and kludgy... And the choppers are buffed WAY too much.. 2 hits with a PILA missile and it's STILL flying and gives the operator time to eject.. A single hit off the PILA missile or a C-4 charge should be an instant kill...

And it's near impossible for a solo to prevail against a TEAM...

I'll revisit PLUNDER when (if??) they ever have PLUNDER SOLOs...

Until then, DMZ is fine with me..

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