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Losing SR to uncontrollable crashes


Don't try and pass me up with "oh well did you update your drivers... did you check windows updates... is your game updated," I'm consistently checking for updates and making sure things are up-to-date, and working properly. Especially when a game gives me issues. We've had countless hotfixes yet it seems game crashing has not slowed down in the slightest since the Season 2 start. I can understand the potential difficulty with fixing the issue, but I don't understand why there isn't even a reconnect feature to combat the issue. ESPECIALLY in ranked play. Got rid of penalty for que cancellation, cool, but I still lose SR and get penalized for a crash mid game that I cannot control. "Dev error,"" and B.S. "DirectX error." Saddest part is how the content creators feeding from your pockets are the only ones who can't really complain since they ring y'all up and their SR is *magically* restored. Extremely poor development, and marketing prioritization. You're lost in the sauce if you even think to disagree. Plain and simple.

And yes I check integrity of game files constantly too. Convinced it does nothing at this point.


Well, the game does work for many others but since you have checked everything then I have nothing that might help. Good luck.
New update. New series of different crash logs and now i'm -150 in SR and have spent 30 mins total in penalty. I've been even more diligent in drivers and updates just to continue to have issues. WOULDNT be mad if that new feature y'all conveniently added for quickplay where you can party with your friends in a match and wait for an open spot, but no reconnect where it ACTUALLY MATTERS. Most backwards ideology I've ever seen. "good luck," as a response too. What a way to admit the faults without addressing it directly.

At this rate, go back to selling the game for consoles only considering its entirely favoring them in Every category already anyways. I can look around the forums and see plenty of people having the same, or similar issues.




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If you are of the opinion that CoDForums is an actual official forum outlet for Activision and Modern Warfare 2 then you have got it wrong. When I tried to help and said Good Luck it was as a forum member, private citizen, invested paying customer and first and foremost just a gamer like you. When I or anyone in the forums tries to help it is coming from a desire to help a fellow gamer and not as a employee of the people who actually make the game.

So once again I will wish you Good Luck and can enjoy the game like so many others do. Good Bye.
I have a PC gamer friend whom is in a similar boat. It runs fine for 20 or 30 min or longer then Boom he crashes mid game for no apparent reason. Poor guy is PO'd to no end. It has ruined any enjoyment in the game. He tells me he sends crash files to activision though so hopefully that helps fix some things.
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