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Lots of Simple Bo4 ideas.

NOTE i am a regular Call Of Duty Player and i Love the games thank you in advance for reading this. Alright so the first thing i think should be implemented in the game is that when you unlock the diamond camo (if there is one) there should be a restriction or something on other people picking up your gun and using it. I think that if someone works very hard to get the diamond skin that someone else shouldn't be able to just pick it up. A good fix for this is that whenever another player picks up someone elses diamond camo it should replace the diamond skin with like an all white sking or white with black stripes (as a criminal). Also i think that if you pull out your specialist and die immediately that it should give it back like a 1-2 second timer on it so that you dont lose it on accident (you could also make this unlockable). Another thing that i would love to see happen is the ability to trade blackmarket camos, now i mean only black market camos not the camos you have to earn because that would bring a way to scam and also duplicate (we dont want that) Now the last thing i want to ask of is that you could make maps and gamemodes unlockable like so you can only play with people of a certain level on a cool map not just some rich af kid who ask his mom to buy a DLC pack for him. Well thats all for now if i have other ideas i will make more post and i know that its not easy to code and design all this stuff so if u guys dont respond no hard feelings but i just want you guys to know your franchise of games are amazing keep up the good work also if you guys do implement this you dont have to give credit to me buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Just in case you do see this and think about implementing my ideas NOTE you don't have to but my Name is John Cliffton Yancey III, don't feel obligated but it would be nice to show off.


I very much like the diamond camo idea. Makes it even more special to actually unlock such a camo. Now it is actually kinda meh.

The unlockable maps kinda sound cool, but in general I am really against any type of player base dividing. So that also means DLC packs in general. I have seen this in basically all the previous cod games. When a new DLC comes out you can play the new maps, but 6 months later hardly anyone plays those maps anymore (at least when you do not buy all the DLC)


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