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do you belive in it?
i want to belive such a pretty thing exists, but i have many many doubts. life for me has always seemed good
even with no romantic partner by my side.
I believe in it. Not the perfect, idealized version we see so often, but in the willingness to fight and argue, the compromises, the random acts of kindness and the moments we say things we shouldn't. Love is an impressive way to tell someone how much you like them, but also how much you want them to suffer. The love that includes fighting, arguing, screaming, making up, and making compromises in my opinion is more pure than the fluff we are spoon fed to sell movie tickets and Hallmark cards.


Yup, i'm pretty sure it will never always be fluffy. Theres gonna be a lot of screaming but its still worth it since it shows how much you care about each other.

I dont know. Love? Do i wish such a thing could exist.


Nah, I do believe in love but I don't think it's a good idea to get too atached to it. It just happens randomly, you can't exactly control it

Bloody L

I'm a bit of an old timer, compared to the majority of you youngins, so let me lay down some wisdom from experience. Love exists, but feminism and hollywood pretty much destroyed it by making women want to ride the cock carousel with one bad boy after another until they're too old for those bad boys to want them, then, after having 5 kids from 8 different guys, they wonder "WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD GUYS GONE???". The good guys decided to pursue a career and better themselves because you wouldn't give them the time of day. And now that the guys they rejected you for want younger women, these "ladies" want a nice guy, so they can use your resources to support them, and for you to be a stepfather to the 5 little mistakes they had with the guy who she was hoping she could tame.

One of these emmy award winers tried to sucker me a few months ago. She was 41, and had 4 kids, all with different guys. our first "date" was going to consist of me sitting in her house and spend time with her kids. Oh, she also informed me that she was "done having sex". So, basically, she was telling me that I was going to support her and a group of children that have no father. Now, look, I don't blame the kids, they had no say in how they were brought up. But Women destroy the lives of these kids because they want to be wild whores for as long as possible. Stay away from them, guys. Trust me.

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