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M4 or M13


Everyone thinks that the M4A1 is the better gun. At long range, the M13 is top tier compared to the M4. The M13 (Sig Sauer MCX) is actually used by Special Forces. In my eyes, if the Spec Ops unit uses this gun, then it most be good for the Military to have a contract with Sig Sauer. What do you all think of the M13?


Good gun. M4 actually felt easier to control to me. Personal preference?

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The difference in real is, that the Sig MCX has a piston system, while the M4 has a direct impingement via gas tube.
This has pros and cons, I would not know, why the SOCOM decided on this particular weapon.
In any case, this fact does not allow in my opinion, a conclusion on which weapon is better in a MW II game.

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