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The maps need to be 3 times the size they are now. It would allow players to get out of the area and stop almost all of the camping. Its tough for low level players to even make it when you have players 20-30 levels higher than you killing as you spawn. Black Ops 2 had way bigger maps to avoid such things.


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I was just saying the same thing. I'm a semi-casual, semi-hardcore player. By hardcore, I don't mean "I go into hardcore game modes in Call of Duty," by hardcore I mean I am a good player, knowledgeable player, and been playing games for a long time.

The maps are pretty small. There is a lot of camping, and a lot of spawn trapping (you've experienced this yourself), it just breaks the game. I like Black Ops 4, but these exploits make the game harder than it has to be.

The camping is unavoidable for some players because you'd have to camp to affix your equipment some place. For example, you need to take some time to place the trip wires so that players don't see it. You need to set up the trophy system so players don't see it. However, I do see players camping a spot just for kills, these are players that I see as scared little puppies.

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