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Marksman count to get the crossbow


yesterday I played for hours using a marksman rifle with the proper scope. I had several games with 5 kills in a match but the count for the crossbow never changed. I even went and changed the load out and still didn't change anything. Has anyone else had this same problem. I should be about 14 games out of 25.


Hit or miss. I dont think the developers even know what the problem is.

I decided to unlock akimbo on the renetti today. Its 3 kills in a match 5 times. Took me 11 matches of 3 kills before it unlocked.

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Is it 3 kills, 3 kills without dying, or 3 uninterrupted kills?

I've made the mistake of not reading the description fully and got caught out, so I just thought I'd throw that out to you.

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