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matchmaking in league


so skill division is supposed to keep the sweaty people with their own kind so I'm in competitor and yes I have perma diamond above my head which is winning 1st place in your ladder ranking 6 times in a row so thats neither here nor there that has nothing to do with skill division so why do I keep getting put in lobbies with everybody elite except me or a couple elite and a master or in any lobbies with anybody but competitors? Still can't get a gem and im content staying competitor less work but to be put in lobbies with people in a higher division yet have never been given a gem is straight bs. Either give me a gem and going against the like makes sense but putting me in higher skill division lobbies while only being ranked a competitor is unfair to me your matchmaking is obviously flawed and needs serious tuning and its not just 1 or 2 matches here and there outta 50 matches a day almost everyday 35+ are lobbies with higher skill division thats not balanced. And no its not because of my teammates I avoid partying with my friends just in case it raises possibility of playing higher skill division people

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