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Matrix 4


The Equalizer
I'll be watching the film. In theaters.

It's also going to be released on HBO MAX so it can be viewed at home..

I too would like to see it in theaters, but the last time we went to the theaters (FREE GUY) the wife and I dropped $60... So, it's Home Theater for us.. :D We have a 75" 4K VIZIO so it will almost be as good as the theater.. :D


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Technically, I am a tea-totaller as I don't drink alcohol (that's what the term means, in case you didn't know), but I prefer a decent cup of coffee to a cup of tea.


Staff member
Well? For those who have seen it, what do you think?
I saw it, but tried to stay away from discussing it here.

Why? Because the film is convoluted. It tries its damnest to correlate the story to the current climate, and quite frankly, the current political state of this... cold war.

Hell, the film even makes fun of Warner Bros.

I think the film is "good," but you'll have to pretend its a new trilogy. Because the previous Matrix does not exist, at least not in THIS universe.

I recommend watching the film first, then watch "Matrix Explained," which dives into theories of the film(s).

The confusion may have been intentional for THAT kind of community. However, they spent the first hour explaining Neo's reconciling his position. Should've spent just 30 minutes and keep the story moving.
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