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PSN MeOw Clan is back AND looking for new recruits!!

Hello everyone I am DaB-Queen-SyReN, I am the originator and leader of the MeOw clan. Originally I started the clan as a small joke, I never actually thought the clan would blossom into a thriving family. But we did. I started the clan in 2016 mid July, we started quite small but we were always making sure we had the best time possible. By Summer 2018 we had just about 63-70 members within the clan, but unfortunately due to me moving across the country and the stress of figuring out a secure homestead my fiance and I bounced around which ultimately caused my system to mysteriously grow legs and run off to someone else's house lol.

But finally I AM BACK and beyyyyooonnnnd ready to rebuild the clan to what it once was if not bigger.
We are a extremely 420 friendly group (obviously) and unlike other groups we won't judge you for your decisions on drugs or even potentially making a terrible choice or 2. I don't think belittling someone for their actions is any way to act and most of the time the bully lives not much better a life lol but as far as "talking shit" when we play against other players etc there are absolutely no rules to as far as u can take it (AS LONGGG AS YOUR ACTIONS DO NOT HINDER THE REST OF THE CLAN, FOR EXAMPLE: If you or someone else decided to piss off a advanced modder or hacker KNOWING you cannot PROTECT yourself or the rest of the clan, but can't keep your lips shut. You will be kicked from the clan immediately.
The MeOw Clan has a wide range of allies that EVERYONE must remember is a friend, because if you start a fight with an ally, you will be BANNED from the clan.
As a whole most of the higher ranked MeOw members are particularly skilled in Sticks and Stones, specifically focused on Tomahawk kills, but the clan is also well know for any Hard core GamePlay Mode. Would enjoy talking with anyone that would like to join the family.
Msg me via PSN on PS3 @ DaB-Queen-SyReN
Email me if you have any questions.
Thanks guys

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