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Middle East servers for WARZONE, We can't play this game yet !!!

Activision said that they're gonna launch middle east servers, and we were waiting for too long, but it didn't happen yet

Currently, we can't play warzone at all. The ping is always above 150, and also the Packet loss is above 50%

Season 5 has been coming for warzone, and we couldn't even play this game from the start of it

Please don't ignore the COD fans in the middle east

This game is awesome, and we really love to play it

Please launch the middle east servers that u promised to us, and inform us that when are u going to do it

This is what we all say, it's not just me

Click Here



PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Hi @Arad Olfati and welcome to CoDForums, the best unofficial COD Forums in the Universe.

I really feel bad for you, I wish there was something more than sympathy that we could offer you, but this is an unofficial fan site, this site is not affiliated with Activision or any of their developers or staff, the best I can do is cross my fingers for, and hope that all turns out well very soon.

I have upvoted and liked your reddit comment, plus added a comment of my own, you should recognise the user name.
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