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Tactical Gaming

Multi Mil-Sim Spec Ops team recruiting!


Any platform is open to join!

Welcome to Task Op 44! We are a milsim/realism group that looks to create a different experience than your typical Modern Warfare community. In TO-44, the emphasis is placed on our ability to create simulations of real special operations units within the game of Modern Warfare. How do we accomplish this?

There are two distinct ways we create this experience. First is through "Special Operation Missions" that are created in private match settings. Small teams (3-4 operators) will be placed on a map in either day or night with a full team of bots. The rules will be set to hardcore realism, and the team must move through the map clearing all buildings and points controlled by the enemy to achieve their target. Operators are given one life.

The second way we achieve this is by completing the actual "Spec Ops" missions and tasks built into Modern Warfare. These missions are challenging, and require clear communication and a fluid team to complete them efficiently. If this a community you would like to join, join the discord here: https://discord.gg/M44Kssk

Tactical Gaming

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Tactical Gaming