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PSN Misfits Gaming accepting Recruits

Dec 24, 2017
We have several people who play an awful lot of War. And alot of members will play anything. One member in particular is nearly a Master Prestige and he plays alot of War. We all use callouts, support each other etc. If you're still interested, let me know.
Jan 28, 2018
United Kingdom
What’s up guys my name is Lucain_Karma
And I am the General of the E.U, U.K division of (MFG) Misfits Gaming and we are currently recruiting for new members to join us in call of duty ww2 we have over 100 members over 2 divisions the second being our U.S division who we are very closely linked with and play regularly.
The suitable candidates will have a general love for the game and want to meet guys and girls from all over we are a friendly bunch and very active we pubstomp daily but also do ranked play and game battles for anyone interested in taking the gaming that but further. So don’t be shy come and say hi people with all abilities welcome.

Add me or message me on psn: Lucain_Karna


Feb 22, 2018
Misfits Gaming is now recruiting for all modes of WWII.

MFG is a family, not just a mass recruiting clan. We operate on discord and have a very active group of players.

We are looking to add another 100-200 players so no matter what we have friends online to play with.

We have EU and US servers dedicated for those regions.

Any questions send me a message on here or on PSN.
Dec 24, 2017


You can also contact me on PSN at RysingPhoenix to do a short interview

I'll let you all know a little bit more about us. We are a multiple Division clan which is based in the US. We also have an EU Division that has members from the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and many more regions. We have 2 separate Divisions to keep connections strong, so you have the option to play with members in other regions but you would be in the Discord server that belongs to where you're based. I founded the clan a year ago, we switched names about 4 months after we were founded. At least 95% of our original member base is with us still. Some members have even left to join other clans and then come back to us. That says alot. I founded this clan to build a strong foundation with respect, tolerance and fun. We are more of a family than a clan. When you join us, you'll find it feels like coming home. We are currently recruiting for WWII and Blacks Ops 4. We are actually starting the *SMi Summer Showdown in the beginning of June where the winner will get a Digital Download of Black Ops 4! So if you've been looking for a tight knit group, you have a sense of humor, love to play and have fun but still pubstomp... now is the time to apply. Getting in now will make you eligible for a chance to win Black Ops 4!

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