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Multi mob* gaming community


Who we are!
We are a community of multi-gamers who enjoy getting online and having laughs and good times with our friends and gaming family, Our founders have been part of communities and community leadership for many years and have decided to create their own community for players to come and enjoy and find others who are looking to find friends and a sense of belonging. We are an Adult only community and you must be 18+ in order to join and partake. We are looking for mature adults who are looking to have fun and good times and keep the toxicity out of the community. Our community is comprised of ranks to have a sense of reward to our members who wish to help the community to continue to grow. We offer many different varieties of games to come enjoy and play with members and are continuously expanding on what games we play and what games we support in our community, And offer an open door policy to ideas, suggestions, comments and concerns and are always looking to grow and become more expansive on what kind of members we get!

We are a new community and are looking for members as well as leaders! to join please join our discord at https://discord.gg/xZRVkNB

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