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Modern Warfare (ICE WARRIOR)

View: https://youtu.be/dGkMX6vUZ8s

Hello again. My gamertag is ”Delta v Force” what's yours?

Created this video for fans of the franchise that want to see gameplay and music in HD 1080p. Thank You in advanced for any views or likes I may get. Video was recorded 11/10/2019 8:56pm.

Duration is 4:22min. Music is ”Conspire - Canadian Ice Warriors” All credit to the respective artists developers software or networks I'm sharing too. Please Enjoy and Thank you.


Do you find the TTK in Hardcore to be ridiculously short? I've played a few games to level up and get pistol kills, but I don't know that I could play it regularly. It's a nice video, my guy.

My GT is illabreezy (PS4) but I play in game under Kush.

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