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Modern Warfare Remaster PC Retail Release?


I know there's been a retail release (physical copy) of Modern Warfare Remaster for Xbox One & PS4 but are they going to ever release it for PC? I know it could seem weird to some but I like physically having the game in my hands since I'm old school that way but if they're not ever going to release a physical copy for PC then I will just go buy it on Steam. I want to play it now but I don't want to wait forever and realize there is no PC retail release and then get the game on Steam when I could have got it months ago.

Any info would be most appreciated. I am also from Canada but if anyone hears of any potential PC Retail release in Canada or US please share.


Staff member
According to the wikipedia entry for Modern Warfare Remastered:
Remastered was later released standalone for PlayStation 4 on June 27, 2017, and for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on July 27, 2017.
But, it was not a good release:
Technical issues on Windows version
The Windows version of Remastered was criticized for suffering from a number of technical issues in the multiplayer, with players also being dissatisfied with the game's available settings for PC. On Steam, it received mostly negative user reviews, with complaints including poor performance, a locked 90 frames per second, inadequate mouse support, numerous hackers, and a low player count. Some users suggested that the multiplayer of Modern Warfare would be a more suitable alternative, which still attracted a sizable amount of players and offered better options for performance, modding and customization.

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