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PSN Motion Gaming is New and Needs Members!!!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by MG_Italian, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. MG_Italian

    MG_Italian Recruit

    Mar 13, 2017
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    Motion Gaming (MG) is Recruiting!!!
    Hello everyone! I'm MG_Italian, the Leader of Motion Gaming. This is a brand new clan I started with my friend, MG_Ghosty (He's CoLeader). As of right now we play on PS4. We play Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare (until next game is released). For now we are just trying to put a team together. As a team we will practice together online and amongst ourselves. Before we start clan battles and make out clan Official, we want to have enough members to compete and have backup in case something happens. We want to become better at the game individually and as a team before competing against other clans also. If you would like to join us message me, MG_Italian or the Co-Leader MG_Ghosty on PSN. When you message us say you want to join the clan and answer the questions below. You will also need to have a tryout to decide if you have enough skill to join (most will be accepted unless there are too many trying out).

    Age: (must be between 13-17)
    Name: (Optional)
    Experience With COD: (how many years have you been playing it)
    Best Weapon Type: (SMG, Assault, LMG, Sniper, etc)
    How often are you online:

    Remember you still need to Tryout for the clan to make it in. If you are denied please do not trash talk or ask for another tryout. If you do not make it, it does not mean you are bad, you just aren't ready for a clan.

    Thank you and Hope to See You Soon!!!
  2. ThaBrowniee

    ThaBrowniee Recruit

    Jul 23, 2017
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    Can I join
    I'm 21
    I've been playing since mw2
    Sniper and smg
    Some times daytime mostly nights

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