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MW1 In-Depth Review


The 2007 release of COD 4: Modern Warfare was the biggest event for the series up to that point. Infinity Ward signalled the branching out beyond WWII in order to attract new fans, new interests, and move to tell deeper, more complex narratives. Naysayers initially assumed that the series would fall flat on its face and would be unable to switch gears. The title proved them all wrong.

Simply put, if one could only choose one game to play to represent COD as a whole, and could never choose anything else, this is the one. Everything about in the game was the best iteration yet, from the characters, to the environments, the effects, the physics, the gunplay, and the introduction of full-fledged antagonists for the first time. The Four Horsemen truly represented the first really interesting group that one had to seek to eliminate, and set the standard for the future titles to match. Individual levels that still hold particular attention today include "Shock And Awe", "All Ghillied Up", "Ultimatum" and the climactic "Game Over."

Simply put, the first MW title still ranks high among the top 100 best games of 2000-2009, and it clearly has deserved every bit of praise it has ever received.

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